The clue is in our name, we do warranties and we’re good at them. By offering the option of 4 different types of warranty, both insured and non-insured, our flexible approach allows your business to provide a warranty programme that suits your needs.

Product Information

Maintenance & Repair

A simple product which is perfectly summed up in that old saying of ‘prevention is better than cure’. As a service contract it is non-insurance regulated which removes some of the burden and no IPT is payable. Plus, only our warranty can carry the RAC brand (for selected dealerships).

Self-funded Obligor

The ideal product if you’d prefer to hold the funds and take the risk yourself. We administer the scheme, the VAT is reclaimable (subject to tax status) and as it’s non-insured no IPT is required.

Insured Obligor

Benefit from a non-insurance regulated sale, without the burden of risk yourself with an Insured Obligor scheme. The contract between yourself and your customer provides a service rather than insurance, so it attracts VAT and a commercial insurance policy between you and ourselves (behind the scenes) will attract IPT at the standard rate.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

The more traditional way of putting an extended warranty on a car. The contract exists between your customer and the insurance Intermediary, and is therefore subject to IPT and insurance regulation.