Product Information

Choice of cover

We understand it’s not one size fits all. Your business can choose between either Fixed Price Service Plans or Personal Service Plans, or even both; whichever suits your customers’ needs most.

Fixed price

If you are looking to provide a simple pricing structure over a range of vehicles, then Fixed Price Service Plan is for you. You can also enhance the plan by including several different benefits with our ‘drag and drop’ system capability.

Personal service

To create more bespoke quotes you can choose Personal Service Plans where we use specific industry and manufacturer data to price the plan.

Product Features

‘Drag and drop’ (customisable benefits)
Yes No
Charge different labour rates across sites
No Yes
Suitable mileage
Low High
Incorporates inflation rates
No Yes

Explaining Service Plan

We can help present Service Plan to your customers. Using tools like the animation below, we’ll provide added value to your business.