Product Information

Combined GAP

Our 5* market leading combined GAP Insurance will protect your customers in the event of a total loss for up to 5 years. With no claim limit (aside from the original purchase price), £1,500 worth of dealer fitted accessories covered and a contribution of £300 towards insurance excess, it provides a compelling option for aftersales protection.* *Combined GAP includes Return to Invoice protection for the first 3 years and Financial Shortfall thereafter for a maximum of 5 years in total.

Return to Invoice

Suited for customers that don’t require Financial Shortfall protection after year 3, our Return to Invoice product offers most of the great features of our Combined GAP Insurance for a maximum of 48 months.

Top Up

If you’re looking for a simple alternative, our Top-up GAP Insurance offers a payment of 25% of the insurer’s settlement in the event of total loss for a maximum of 48 months.

Product Information

Maximum vehicle age
No maximum No maximum No maximum
Maximum vehicle mileage
No maximum No maximum No maximum
Term of cover
36 or 48 months RTI & then up to a combined total of 60 months FS 36 or 48 months Up to 48 months
Vehicle insurance excess covered
£300 £300 £150
Claim limit*
Original purchase price Original purchase price 25% of market value
Dealer fitted accessories cover
Up to £1,500 Up to £1,500 Up to £500
Covers contract hire and lease agreements
Vehicle covered whilst driving in EEA
These product features have all been specifically developed to create market leading GAP products for your customers
*Vehicles with a purchase price of £50k or over will have a fixed claim limit of £50k

Explaining GAP Insurance

We can help present GAP to your customers. Using tools like the animation below, we’ll provide added value to your business.