Survey Results: Extended warranty and breakdown recovery top list of most wanted aftersales products

Survey Results: Extended warranty and breakdown recovery top list of most wanted aftersales products

Extended warranties and breakdown recovery top the list of the aftersales products most wanted by used car buyers, according to research carried out for the RAC Dealer Network.

More than 1,000 respondents were asked by to rank six standard aftersales products. They were rated, in order, breakdown recovery, extended warranty, MOT insurance, GAP insurance, SMART insurance, and tyre and alloy wheel insurance.

Sean Kent, our Sales Director for the RAC Dealer Network, said: “The key finding here is that the top three aftersales products are all designed to keep the vehicle in good working condition and on the road, while the bottom three are more concerned with cosmetics and finance.

“It shows that, at the end of the day, the used car buyer’s chief concern is about ensuring their vehicle is reliable and is unlikely to land them with a large and unexpected repair bill.”

Sean said that this mindset should be the absolute focus of used car dealers when they were planning their customer proposition.

“Dealers must always remember that what customers are looking for in the used car they choose is a belief that everything reasonable is being done to ensure reliability. This means that they must feel that they trust the vehicle and the aftersales products with which it is sold.

“In constructing a proposition, dealers need to meet this desire by underlining both the quality of the vehicle and its support package, then marketing these advantages effectively.

“Certainly, this is the thinking behind our own RAC Approved Dealer initiative, which includes breakdown cover and a warranty as well as a range of other assurances such as an extensive vehicle check.

“This is the only used car programme that allows dealers extensive use of RAC branding and our research shows that the brand plays a key part in each customer’s decision to buy a vehicle from one of our dealers.”

The findings of the research were:

1. Breakdown cover
2. Extended warranty
3. MOT insurance
4. GAP insurance
5. SMART insurance
6. Tyre and alloy insurance

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